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Nintendo's Friend Collection Becomes a Television Show

New late night talk show to make heavy use of popular DS title.

The cast of the Friend Collection TV show.

This could be a first for a DS game. Broadcaster Tokyo MX has announced plans for a new Spring television program that's based around Nintendo's long selling DS hit Friend Collection.

The program is titled "Koi no Kaitou!? Tomokore Ni-Se," or roughly "The Answer to Love!? Friend Collection 2nd Generation."

The "2nd Generation" part of the name refers to the cast, Rima Nishizaki, Maaya Morinaga and Mari Sekinu. They're all known as "second generation" talents, meaning older members of their families are also talents.

Every week, Rima, Maaya and Mari will talk about love and relationships. They'll be joined by a guest 2nd generation talent.

The girls will create a Friend Collection Mii for the guest visitor. Outside of this, the show will have a variety of activities centered around Friend Collection. One example has the girls and their guests create songs for the in-game Miis to sing.

Tokyo MX held a press conference today to detail the program. You can see pictures from the conference at Famitsu.com.

The show's official site has looks at the cast and their Miis.

Those with access to Tokyo MX can view the weekly program every Thursday from 23:00 to 23:30 starting May 6.

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