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Watch the Guy Who Made Monster Hunter Play God of War III

Sony and Capcom give GoW a big push.


Sony has released a video showing Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto playing God of War III.

Why? I have no idea.

But they released it, so here you go:


In the video, shot in March at Capcom's Tokyo office, Tsujimoto plays GoWIII prior to its release, and proceeds to offer lots and lots of praise for the game.

He first praises how the game transitions seamlessly from the title screen into gameplay. Next, he praises the appearance of massive enemies from the start of the game as helping to raise the tension. Midway through, he says that he's concentrating so hard on the game that he can't speak.

Sony obviously benefits from having the maker of one of Japan's biggest series praise GoWIII. Capcom also has an interest in this promotion. Capcom was the publisher of the God of War series until Sony finally came to its damn senses and published part III on its own. Tsujimoto does take some time to mention God of War Collection, which was also published by Capcom.

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