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New Densha de Go Hitting DS From... Square Enix?

Who says they're just Final Fantasy?


Remember how weird it was to see the Square Enix logo on the boxes of FPS games as the RPG giant started publishing games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 in Japan? Well here's another name that doesn't quite fit: Densha de Go.

It looks like Taito's long running train simulation series is now being handled by parent company Square Enix. The latest Densha de Go game was announced today, not through Taito, but through Square Enix. The game's official site is also a Square Enix site.

That latest DS entry in the series is titled "Densha de Go! Special Version -- Revived! Showa Yamanote Line" and is being produced to commemorate 100 years of Tokyo's famous loop line, the green Yamanote.

Players use the touch panel and stylus to operate the train. There's a simple control mode for beginners, and a Professional Mode for the pro drivers.

The "Showa" name comes from the inclusion of a mode that recreates the backgrounds of the 1950s and 1960s -- Japan's Showa Period. This means you'll see Tokyo Tower under construction. The game also includes a Showa Picture Collection gallery.

For train fanatics, there will be a lot on offer here. Train models include everything from the latest E231 cars to classic Yamanote vehicles. It also looks like there will be some non Yamanote cars included. The game also has a Yamanote Line Quiz which quizzes your knowledge of the busy line.

Look for this latest Densha de Go, from Square Enix, on July 22.

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