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Final Fantasy IX Game Archives Version Is Complete

Availability date could be announced in a week.

The wait for FFIX's Game Archives conversion won't be long.

Wondering how long it takes to ready a PlayStation title for PSN's Game Archives download service? Not too long, it seems. Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto made a special Golden Week update at the Square Enix Members Twitter earlier today announcing that development work on the downloadable version of Final Fantasy IX is complete.

FFIX's Game Archive conversion was first confirmed via the Square Enix Members Twitter in early April. Following the announcement, Hashimoto shared a few teaser images supposedly showing how development, which was being handled by Sony, was progressing.

Hashimoto's latest announcement does not necessarily mean the game is ready to go, though. When we'll get to play is apparently dependent on how things go during a testing phase. In his Tweet, Hashimoto promised an update following Golden Week, which could mean some time next week.

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