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Assistant producer Akihito Kadowaki says development approaching climax.

Scene from the announcement teaser trailer.

The Marvel vs Capcom 3 official blog saw its second update this past Friday. Taking over the duties from producer Ryota Niitsuma this time was assistant producer Akihito Kadowaki.

In the post, Kadowaki shared his thoughts on the game's recent announcement. "We're making the game with the aim of, above all else, getting Versus series fans excited," wrote Kadowaki.

He noted some of the major new developments for the game. First, this is the first time a Versus series game has been developed for PS3 and xbox 360. Second, this is the first time a fighting game has been developed using the MT Framework -- in this case, the latest version of the award-winning tools. "Of course you should look forward to gameplay, but expect things of the visuals as well."

The game's announcement came in teaser trailer form, but it seems to be quite far along. "Development is approaching a climax," said Kadowaki adding that with the large amount of content and the need to work on promotions alongside with development, there's no time to take it easy.

He also provided a hint that the game will be shown at an event. Given that the game's announcement first came overseas, this is presumably a reference to E3.

In other Marvel vs Capcom 3 news, the 28th saw the game's formal announcement for Japanese release. As with the rest of the world, the Japanese release is set for Spring. You can see how the Japanese media covered the announcement in this topic.

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