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First Look: Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory

Square Enix's hit arcade title makes the trip to Wii.


Square Enix has at long last provided us with our first look at Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory.

Set for Summer release, Victory is a Wii port of the popular card-based arcade title Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road II Legend. Like the arcade game, the Wii version puts popular characters and monsters from the Dragon Quest series in battle.

The Wii version retains the look and feel of the arcade game, right down to making use of the Wiimote as your "Tenku" sword for special sword attacks.

One of the big charms of the arcade version is the use of cards to bring out your battle party members. In Victory, you'll earn virtual cards as you work through the game. Players of the arcade version will also be able to make use of scanning utilities for DSiWare and cell phones to scan in their current cards. Once scanned, the cards are added to a card album.

The arcade version's multiplayer combat is being replicated through two forms of multiplayer play. Four players will be able to combat locally in one on one and two on two fights, provided you have the right number of Wiimotes. The game has space for four save files. Wi-Fi Connection support allows for online play against friends and players throughout Japan.

New to Victory is a "Tournament Mode." In this mode, you create your very own avatar character and explore a town called Ryujincho. By facing off in battle with the town's residents, you can earn new cards and other rewards.

In Tournament Mode's avatar creation area, you'll be able to change hair style, hair color, and face for your male or female avatar. As you work through the mode, you'll earn clothing which can be used to further customize your character.

Square Enix has also hinted at further connectivity between the Wii and arcade versions of Battle Road. Players who've built up characters in the arcade version will apparently get some bonuses in the Wii version. Details will be provided in a future update.

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