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Final Fantasy IX Now Totally Completely Done

Release date being decided between Square Enix and Sony.


Square Enix Tweetmaster Shinji Hashimoto promised an update on Final Fantasy IX's PSN/Game Archives release after the end of Golden Week. That update came today, but it unfortunately did not include a release date.

According to a noon Tweet from Hashimoto, work on FFIX is now 100% complete. This includes a test play phase, which Hashimoto had said prior to Golden Week was all that remained.

Currently, Square Enix is working with Sony Computer Entertainment to decide on the final availability date.

FFIX's download release has yet to actually be acknowledged by Square Enix outside of Twitter (although CEO Yoichi Wada announced it for himself in a Twitter-based video message). Release date information will presumably be accompanied by an official announcement.

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