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Hideo Kojima is the God of Peace Walker

Cecile and Miller know it!


Hideo Kojima is not only the president of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, but he's also a client.

Err... that is to say, he's in Peace Walker.

Do a certain something (specifics can be found at this strategy page), and you'll be able to add "Game Designer" Hideo to your Mother Base staff.

Hideo's profile says "My body is made up 70% of movies. You can decide what to do with the remaining 30%."

(The 70% movie thing is from Kojima's Twitter bio).

Hideo is S rank in healing and information gathering. But he doesn't appear to be much of a fighter... or a cook.

What's particularly interesting is the hint you receive when searching for Hideo:

"Have you heard the rumor that a god was found in the truck?"

That god turns out to be Hideo.

It appears there's some play on Kojima and god in one character's name. The Cecile character's full name is "Cecile Cosina Caminades." Cosina sounds a little like "Kojima." And "Caminades" sounds a little like "Kami Nandesu," or "Is god." Put it all together, and you get "Kojima is god."

I wasn't clever enough to spot this. Miller was, however, and he shares his discovery with Cecile during one of Peace Walker's briefing files.

You can hear Cecile chanting "Kojima is God" in a Nico Nico Video of the briefing file that was posted at Hachimaki (the video is mid way through the page beneath the Hideo status screen shot).

The Cecile character, incidentally, is based off a Konami France employee, also named Cecil. She appeared at the Yodobashi Camera launch event last week.

The real Cecile, to the right.

See Aitor's event pics for more from the event.

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