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Welcome to the Epic World of Xenoblade

New video shows the massive fields of Monolith's original Wii RPG.


Xenoblade trailer #4 hit the Everyone's Nintendo Channel today and was quickly uploaded to YouTube. Press play to introduce yourself to the vast "fields" of Monolith's Wii RPG.

The trailer leads us through the various areas of the game's world, which you'll recall is set on the body of two massive gods, Kyojin and Kishin.

Four areas in particular are mentioned:

  • 1. Kyojin's legs
  • 2. Colony 9
  • 3. Makuna Forest
  • 4. Elto Sea

These are all located on the Kyojin side of the world, which is home to the protagonists. The game starts in Colony 9, located in the Kyojin leg area.

The footage doesn't just show the scenery, but also the characters running through the scenery. This allows us to confirm that Riki can run (despite his tiny legs) and your whole party can swim.

Xenoblade trailer releases are usually followed the next day by an official site update, so expect more details tomorrow.

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