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Level-5 CEO Provides Danbol Senki and Inazuma Eleven Updates

Developer aiming for 24-like "jet coaster" story development for long lost PSP title.

Danbol Senki is one of the many projects Level-5 announced at the 2008 installment of its Level-5 Vision press conference.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino spent his Golden Week working, and Tweeting. Over the vacation period, the busy producer provided tiny updates on Inazuma Eleven and Danbol Senki.

Inazuma Eleven 3 is just ahead of going gold, wrote Hino on the 4th. The game is due for July 1 release.

Level-5 is currently planning a major pre-launch event for the game, Hino revealed today. This will play host to thousands of visitors and will see a variety of announcements.

Inazuma Eleven developments go beyond the new DS title. Level-5 is also planning "Inazuma Eleven Avatars" for mobile devices, Hino revealed prior to the break. Players will be able to select an Inazuma Eleven character as an avatar and mix and match their clothing. Hino hopes to have this out in June.

Regarding Danbol Senki, Hino wrote "Development on Danbol Senki is progressing steadily. The target age group is a bit higher than that of Inazuma. It will have a slightly political story. Balance is also important, as we're aiming for a 24-like jet coaster story development, and if the speed is too fast it would probably be hard on kids."

Some intriguing comments on the long silent PSP project. We'll hopefully get a look in the not-so-distant future.

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