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Date Set For PSN Final Fantasy IX

Final PlayStation numbered Final Fantasy hits in a couple of weeks.


Well that was certainly fast! Square Enix chief Tweeter (he's also a producer) Shinji Hashimoto Tweeted earlier today that Final Fantasy IX's PSN conversion was complete and all that remained was for Sony and Square Enix to finalize a date. The decision makers didn't take too long.

Hashimoto posted later in the day that he'd received contact from Sony regarding the date. The game is scheduled to hit PSN on May 20. He did not share a price. Both FFVII and FFVIII were priced ¥1,500.

In a later post, Hashimoto clarified that the date is just for the game's Japanese release. Overseas release plans will be detailed later, he said.

Hashimoto's also provided a brief video showing a bit of FFIX running on PSP.

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With a release just two weeks away, it's presumable that Square Enix will shortly be making a more formal non-Twitter announcement of FFIX's PSN conversion

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