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Nintendo Shares Supplementary Earnings Report

Updated million sellers list and the latest first party schedule.


Another Nintendo earnings briefing, another list showing unfathomably high first party game sales.

Nintendo shared its usual supplementary earnings report today, providing details that were not provided in yesterday's briefing.

Included was an updated million seller list for DS and Wii.

In the chart, the left column shows number of units sold over the last fiscal year. To the right are life to date sales for the games.

HeartGold/SoulSilver was the top selling DS title for the year, with 8.4 million units sold topping New Super Mario Bros. two fold. For Wii, Wii Sports gained an additional 17.75 million units, bringing its life to date to 63.46 million. Wii Sports is bundled with the Wii in markets outside of Japan.

America was Nintendo's leading market for DS and Wii hardware and software, as shown in these quarterly hardware and software sales charts.

Unlike the third quarter supplemental report, which managed to announce a few games ahead of their official announcement, this report's release schedule contained no major surprises.

For Japan, the upcoming first party schedule reads:

  • Xenoblade (6/10)
  • Metroid: Other M (Summer 2010)
  • The Last Story (2010)
  • FlingSmash (TBA)
  • 100 Go de Start! Eikaiwa (TBA)
  • Hoshi no Kirby (TBA)
  • Line Attack Heroes (TBA)
  • Legend of Zelda (TBA)

The US schedule still refers to Xenoblade as Monado: Beginning of the World, although the Japanese language version of the report refers to both versions as Xenoblade.. It's not known at present if Nintendo's overseas divisions will be keeping the Monado name or going with the Xenoblade name.

For a closer look, access the supplementary report for yourself off Nintendo's investor relations page.

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