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Capcom's Sales and Earnings Fall

Company expects rebound for following year due to major releases.


Nintendo isn't the only major publisher seeing lower sales and profits. Capcom issued its own earnings report today, detailing sharp drops in sales and profits for the year ended March 31, 2010.

Sales for the year decreased to ¥66,837 million, down 27.3% from 2009's ¥91,878 million. Operating income was down 61.8%, from ¥14,618 million to ¥5,587 million.

As reason for the declines, Capcom mentioned poor performance from games like Bionic Commando (PS3/X360), Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles (Wii) and Dark Void (PS3/X360).

Additionally, it seems that Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV were originally scheduled for earlier release, as Capcom cited their delays to the 2011 fiscal year as contributing to depressed sales in overseas markets.

Success stories included Monster Hunter Tri (Wii), Ace Attorney Investigations (DS) and Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition (PS3/X360). These all "performed satisfactorily."

For 2011, the company expects net sales to increase to ¥95,000 million and operating income to ¥15,000 million. This sharp rebound will come from the release of major titles, the company said.

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