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3DS Included in Nintendo's DS Hardware Forecasts

This could explain the big boost in portable hardware forecasts for the year.

The slide from the investors meeting says 3DS will be unveiled at E3.

Nintendo held an investors briefing today to discuss the earnings report it shared yesterday. 3DS was, expectedly, brought up during the event.

CEO Satoru Iwata took it upon himself to mention the new hardware. Unfortunately, he didn't have much to say. Said Iwata, "As announced on March 23, we plan on releasing the new hardware to follow DS, the Nintendo 3DS, this fiscal term. It's likely that this is what most of you want to ask about today. However, we'll be unveiling this hardware at E3, which will be held starting June 15 in Los Angeles. I will not be able to answer questions today."

So no new details on the hardware, but Iwata did let slip one notable point. In yesterday's earnings report, Nintendo said that it plans on selling 30 million DS systems and 150 million pieces of DS software during the current fiscal year. These figures includes 3DS hardware and software, Iwata said during the briefing.

Nintendo's DS hardware forecasts point to a boost in hardware sales. For the year ended March 31, 2010, the DS sold 27.11 million units worldwide. The inclusion of 3DS would help to explain the boost to 30 million.

NIntendo's hardware and software sales for 2009 (right) and forecasts for 2010 (left).

In other hardware stat news, Iwata also made one point of clarification for Nintendo's Wii forecasts. Nintendo expects to sell 18 million Wii systems and 165 million Wii games over the current fiscal year. These figures are down respectively from the 20.53 million and 191.81 million of this year. However, regarding the software figure, Iwata noted that the current year's total counts bundled software as a separate game while the forecast does not.

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