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First Look: Mario Galaxy 2 Bonus DVD

DVD includes beginners guide and super play clips.


Nintendo Japan has finally shed some light on the bonus DVD that's being bundled with Super Mario Galaxy 2. The details came from CEO Satoru Iwata during an investors briefing today. You can see a (Japanese) transcript of that briefing here.

Titled "Hajimete no Super Mario Galaxy 2," or "First Super Mario Galaxy 2," the DVD is meant to be a beginners manual for playing a 3D Mario. The DVD is being included to address concerns fans of the 2D Mario games have with controlling a 3D Mario, a concern Iwata said is prevalent.

Iwata explained that one of the themes for the first Mario Galaxy was to make a 3D world that would keep players from getting lost. This is why the stages were made into spheres. Despite this effort, said Iwata, player concerns over controlling a 3D Mario is an issue that has yet to be solved in the Japanese market.

The DVD isn't just for beginners, though. Advanced players can look forward to super play videos.

You can get your first look at the DVD in motion via a video accessible off Nintendo's investor relations page. The video is located midway through the page, above the "Wii Party" logo.

The footage begins with a control description, then continues with details on how to progress through the game, and finishes with "challenge play", showing some tough challenges in the game's 2D perspective stages.

The DVD menu. From top to bottom, Basics (for beginners), Practical Use (for those who played the original) and Special Videos.

During the briefing, Iwata addressed that little bit of irony about including a DVD with a Wii game. He suggested that this might be an advantage for players, as they'll be able to put the DVD in their separate DVD player and consult it while playing Galaxy 2.

Iwata also gave Mario Galaxy 2 a big general push at the briefing, speaking about it more than any other title. He noted that the first Galaxy sold 8.84 million units worldwide, of which 1.01 million came from Japan and 4 million from North America. The new title is meant to be an "Ultimate 3D Mario," developed by Nintendo's Tokyo development team over a two and a half year period.

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