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Capcom Shares Sales Targets For Major Releases

How many copies of Marvel VS Capcom, Dead Rising and Monster Hunter does the publisher expect to sell?

Capcom expects Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to be its biggest game this year.

Capcom had it a bit rough last year, with major drops in revenues and earnings compared to the year prior. But this year, the company expects a rebound thanks to strong sales form some of its biggest franchises.

At a financial presentation, English materials from which can be seen here, the company listed the following targets for its big fiscal 2010 releases:

  • Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (PSP): 3.6 million
  • Dead Rising 2 (PS3/X360): 3.0 million
  • Lost Planet 2 (PS3/X360): 2.2 million
  • Marvel VS Capcom 3 (PS3/X360): 2.0 million

Of these, Monster Hunter is Japan-only.

Marvel is still listed with a Spring 2011 date, but at least we now know Spring means on or before March 31 now.

Monster Hunter was Capcom's biggest franchise in 2009 as well. PSP's Freedom Unite, released in the 2007 fiscal year, totaled 1.35 million units during the term, of which Japan accounted for 900,000. Wii's Monster Hunter Tri totaled 1.15 million, all from Japan.

Resident Evil 5, released in the 2008 fiscal year, was Capcom's second best seller, with 950,000 units. It was followed by two games that Capcom listed as disappointments, Bionic Commando with 700,000 units and Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles with 600,000.

The briefing also mentioned some of Capcom's goals for the current fiscal year. In its video game business -- more accurately, its "Consumer Online Games" business -- the company aims for net sales of ¥71,500 million, up from the ¥44,015 million of 2010. It expects a jump in operating profits for this sector from this year's ¥7,846 million to ¥15,300 million.

It expects to have 75 game releases this year, with 20 million pieces of software sold, up from the 12.5 million of 2010. Japan was Capcom's biggest territory in 2010, accounting for 5.2 million pieces of software. In 2011, the company expects North America to sell the most units at 7.5 million, followed by Japan at 7 million and Europe at 5 million.

PlayStation 3 will be Capcom's biggest platform in 2011, with 16 titles accounting for 6 million pieces of software sold. PSP is next with 19 titles and 5 million units. Next up is Xbox 360, with 12 titles and 4.8 million units, followed by DS's 16 titles at 1.7 million units and Wii's 6 titles at 1.6 million units.

In its medium term goal section, the company listed some of the goals it has mentioned in past updates. It aims to for a 65% overseas sales ratio -- that is, for 65% of sales to come from outside of Japan. It also aims to "enlarge the MT Framework," unifying development activities across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. "Unified Wii development" was also listed under this category.

Other goals mentioned in the briefing included expanded online development. Capcom aims to sell additional download content for major titles like Super Street Fighter IV and Lost Planet 2. It hopes to increase digital distribution of software. It also looks like we'll be getting a Mega Man Online game, jointly developed by Korea's Neowiz Games.

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