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Final Fantasy IX Game Archives Price Set

No surprises in pricing for latest PSN release.


Square Enix master of Tweeting Shinji Hashimoto is at Narita Airport on his way to London. But he still found time to Tweet some semi-big news at the Square Enix Members Twitter.

Hashimoto posted final release details on the PSN/Game Archives version of Final Fantasy IX earlier today. The game's release date was previously announced for May 20. Today, Hashimoto revealed a ¥1,500 price point and 1,550 megabyte download size for the game.

These figures are close to their Final Fantasy VII and VIII counterparts. Both FF classics ran ¥1,500.

Now that everything about FFIX's Game Archives release has been announced, let's hope Square Enix will finally get around to giving the game an official page off its download games portal so that we can be totally sure that Hashimoto and Wada aren't playing mind games on us.

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