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Square Enix iMode Online RPG Begins Service

Lead your Square Enix Members avatar on an adventure in Ever Heart Odyssey.


The Square Enix game that has a "Heart" in the title but isn't Kingdom Hearts saw final release today. Ever Heart Odyssey is now available for play on -- wait for it -- iMode cell phones.

Ever Heart Odyssey is an online RPG that makes use of your Square Enix Members avatar for four player party-based real time battles. You work with your fellow Square Enix Members, advancing through a story and playing through downloadable quests. The game links up to your diary and friend circle at the Square Enix Members site.

Despite the use of avatar characters, there is a background story to Ever Heart Odyssey. The game is set tin the world of Teoseria, a world in which monsters and humans coexist. This world once went through a time of endless war. The conflicts ended with the arrival of a young person who, with a book in his hand and in the company of kind monsters, quieted the flames of war around the world. Thousands of years passed, and the travels of the young person were passed down along with the book.

How all this ties into a story that encompasses your Square Enix Members avatar is something you'll have to experience for yourself.

Those with 905i series phones and up can download Ever Heart Odyssey today. Basic play for the game is free.

Players of the game's open beta test will find that the final version has a blacksmith which lets you make new items using materials that you gather on your quest, an item shop called the Royal Shop, new field and cave areas, and free quests. Your save data from the beta will carry over into the final.

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