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Online Retailer Leaks White Knight Chronicles 2 Date

So much for that darn Famitsu reveal!

Leonard (to the left) wants that release date now!

Online retailer Game Star is at it again, breaking Famitsu scoops even before those scoops have leaked out ahead of the magazine's street date.

Game Star posted a listing for White Knight Chronicles 2 today, flagging the game with a July 8 release. The shop lists a ¥6,980 MSRP for the title.

Earlier this week, White Knight 2 director Kusuda Yoshiaki Tweeted that a release date for the highly anticipated sequel would be announced in this week's Famitsu. That issue hits on Thursday, but info usually leaks out the day prior.

Even if the Game Star date is correct and Famitsu's release date exclusive is spoiled, it looks like White Knight fans will want to check out the magazine anyway. Yoshiaki also said to look forward to a report on data compatibility between the original and sequel. Perhaps we can expect a big blowout.

White Knight fans should keep their internets on in anticipation of more details later this week.

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