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Neo Geo Heroes Promo Video Hits

Check out the PSP shooter in motion and get the latest from the official site.


You've seen the screenshots (thanks for shrinking them for us, SNK Playmore!). You've read about the release date. And you've familiarized yourself with the modes.

Now get a look at Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting in motion:

This trailer was posted at the game's newly opened official site. That site looks a little something like this:

Here's what's accessible at the site.


Shows the basics for the game, all of which was previously announced. The dude at the top of this page is Professor Brown Sugar, who created a time machine to determine the strongest hero across all of time. This machine fell into the wrong hands, and now... SNK characters are for some reason flying around and shooting things.[/secthead_sub]


A look at each character, with tons of screens showing the characters' various moves. Marko has Knife, Grenade, and Full Burst as, respectively, his level 1, level 2 and level 3 special attacks. As his bomb, he has Metasla Attack (that's short for Metal Slug Attack).


Neo Geo Heroes includes 15 stages (I think that's new info). After clearing each stage, your given a choice of stages for your next stage. Clear any of the five stages in stage 5, and you'll clear the game. Each stage has different settings and bosses. The stages even see changes depending on which character you use.


The only new info in this area concerns the Museum and Option modes. Museum gives you access to illustrations, endings, character profiles, a sound test and ranking. Options lets you set difficulty, remaining ships, bomb count, key config, wallpaper and other areas.

In the options menu, you can set your PSP between four screen modes, two horizontal and two vertical. when played vertical, the control scheme looks like this:

The d-pad controls your ship fighter. The analogue pad is used for your shot (right), bomb (down), special (left) and taunt (up).

This control scheme is probably something we'll have to try out before judging. Neo Geo Heroes now has a final release date July 29, so the wait won't be too long.

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