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Square Enix's Hills and Rivers Still Remain

DSi/iPhone/Mobile strategy title gets a sequel.


Square Enix kicked off sales today for Hills and Rivers Remain 2. The game is available for play on iMode phones series 903i/703i and up.

The original Hills and Rivers Remain was released for iMode sets in Spring 2009. It later appeared on iPhone/iPod touch and DSi Ware.

Gameplay basics remain the same for the sequel. You have just two commands: send out troops and move your base.

The sequel adds the concept of "day and night" play. Each phase takes up four turns. Some areas of the map can only be traversed during certain times of day, making the use of this feature a must for the game.

Also new for the sequel is the ability to surround your enemy by capturing all the bases on a given road. Doing this over large areas earns you additional suport, as you gain access to all the castles, horses and other resources in your circle.

Similar to the original, you'll find two main modes of play. A story mode puts you in control of new main character Clause. As you clear maps in this mode, they become available for play in a free mode which lets you set difficulty and opponent kingdom count.

If you're not sold on Hills and Rivers Remain, Square Enix is offering a free demo which includes a tutorial and a special beginners' mission.

If you are interested but don't have an iMode cell phone, you can probably count on a DSi Ware or iPhone version to appear at some point.

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