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This Week's Flying Get

New Yakuza game gets a name. White Knight Chronicles 2 details. Updated throughout the day! (Last update -- 18:18)

The next Yakuza gets a final name. This and more in this week's magazine leaks.

Thanks to Golden Week, we went a full week without any flying gets. But now Famitsu and the likes are back on their normal publishing schedule, and 2channelers are back to their sneaky flying gets of Japanese game info.

I'll be summarizing all the early magazine leaks in this space. As always, due to my aversion to 2channel, I'm basing most of this off the detailed summaries posted at Game Jouhou.

It's possible that some of this may be misinformation, so don't make any wagers on what you read here until it's been posted elsewhere on the site.

Check back throughout the day for updates.

(Update 18:17 -- updates have stopped. Check the main channel for further details.)

Next Week (added 18:17)

Famitsu promises a feature on Final Fantasy XIV featuring new information on the game, a pre-release guide for Super Mario Galaxy 2, and a retailer survey regarding June and July's releases.

Another Century's Episode R Mecha List Revealed (added 15:25)

Famitsu has a big title and mecha list for PS3's Another Century's Episode R. I don't know my anime too well, so I'll point you to Game Jouhou's transcript. I'm not sure if this is a full list or not.

Famitsu Gets Up to Date on Marvel VS Capcom 3 (added 15:25)

Looking forward to that big Famitsu report on Marvel VS Capcom 3? It looks like the report is just based off what was shown at Captivate 2010. The article mentions the presence of over 30 characters and consideration for download content.

It seems like there may be a producer interview, so it's possible there will be additional info in there.

New PSP Love Sim (added 15:25)

There appears to be a new love sim in the works for the PSP. I don't know who's making it, but it's called "Family Planning." Hmm...

Domestic Nier DLC Detailed (added 15:25)

Square Enix's international offices detailed Nier's downlaod content in advance. But those details were just for the game that's known in Japan as NieR Gestalt. So what about PS3-only NieR Replicant?

Famitsu has details on the domestic DLC for both Gestalt and Replicant. The DLC appear to be for the most part similar to what was announced in Europe. You'll find new costumes, arranged music, new quests, and a new stage that apparently feels like a shooting game.

Like the overseas version, Gestalt will get a special stage where you make use of Replicant's younger hero. And, expectedly, Replicant will get a special stage where you make use of Gestalt's older hero.

The content hits PS3 and Xbox 360 on 5/13, priced ¥840 for the PS3 version and 560 MSP for the Xbox 360 version.

Okami and Devil May Cry Artist's New Game (added 12:56)

Ignition Entertainment is readying an all new Xbox 360 and PS3 action title called El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatro. This game is being directed by and has character designs from Sawaki Takeyasu, who did art and character designs for Okami and Devil May Cry.

The game story is centered on people and angels. You play as Enoc, a boy who was selected by the gods. Joining you is Lucifer, a red eyed angel who protects you.

Gameplay promises simple action with combo attacks using only a few buttons. Based on your button combinations, you can create varied combo attacks.

Enemies don't have life gauges. Instead you'll be able to determine their status by, for example, seeing their armor gradually break.

Stage design promises to be beautiful, with plenty of gimmicks, and fields of play with height. You'll have to make your movements to match the abundant patterns of stage formations and situations.

In an interview with Famitsu, Takeyasu said that the game aims to do two things: deliver a feeling of direct control and make the player feel not that the character is getting stronger, but that they're getting better.

Development is currently 60% with a release set for some time in 2010.

White Knight Chronicles 2 Dated

Online retailer Gamestar spoiled Famitsu's big scoopies on White Knight Chronicles 2's release date. Just to be sure, the magazine confirms that the date is July 8.

As promised, the magazine also details the data that can be carried over to the sequel. If you've cleared the original, you can keep the following:

  • Your avatar's external appearance
  • In the Georama mode, you can keep your paid items and DL presents.
  • All your items and equipment. Some equipment will see parameter changes.
  • Your guild and synthesis ranks

As a first print run bonus, Sony will be including a product code that lets you download an avatar equipment item called "White Knight Transformation Equipment."

New Yakuza is Called Yakuza

In past interviews, Toshihiro Nagoshi suggested that "Ryu ga Gotoku" might not be in the name of the next Ryu ga Gotoku (aka Yakuza) game, Project K. That was apparently just a blind threat. The game's final name is Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou Kurohyou, or Ryu ga Gotoku New Chapter Black Leopard.

A release is set for September 22 priced at ¥6,299 for the UMD version and ¥5,600 for a download version.

This week's Famitsu reveal also includes voice actor and character info. Main character Tatsuya Ukyou will be voiced by Kengo Kouchi. Characters debuting this week include Saki Kudou, Ryutaro Kuki (voiced by Toshio Kurosawa) and (guessing the reading) Amamiya (voiced by Koichi Iwaki).

The magazine also reveals that the game will include over 300 minutes of fully voiced movies and an underground dojo (presumably similar to the underground dojos of past Yakuza games.

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