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Project K Named and Dated

Sega's new Yakuza game to feature over 300 minutes of fully voiced movie scenes.


Sega's new Ryu ga Gotoku game has a final name, and yes, it's Ryu ga Gotoku.

Although series overseer Toshihiro Nagoshi said in past interviews that, owing to differences from other entries in the series, Project K might ditch the Ryu ga Gotoku name, this week's Famitsu reveals the name to be Kurohyou Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou, or Black Leopard: Ryu ga Gotoku New Chapter.

In the west, the Ryu ga Gotoku series is known by the name Yakuza. But Project K has yet to see final announcement in international markets, so we'll have to wait to see if Sega will call it Black Leopard: Yakuza New Chapter.

Famitsu's coverage of Black Leopard this week is in the form of a half-page news update rather than a full preview, but the magazine did manage to get in a few notable details.

First up is some solid release information. Black Leopard hits PSP on September 22. It will be priced ¥6,279 for its retail UMD release and ¥5,600 in download form (PSP go users can cheer).

The game promises a full scale drama with over 300 minutes of fully voiced event movie scenes. Voice actors include Kengo Kouchi as Tatsuya Ukyou, Toshio Kurosawa as Ryutaro Kuki, Haru as Saki Kudou and Koichi Iwaki as Taizan Amemiya.

Of these characters, only main character Ukyou has been given a full introduction. The magazine lists Saki Kudou as having a heroine-like presence in the game. Ryutaro Kuki is head of the Kuki Family in the Tojo Clan yakuza organization. Taizan Amemiya is a trainer at an underground fighting dojo called Dragon Heat. This dojo is run by the Kuki Family.

There are no new gameplay details in the magazine, although with regards to the battle system the magazine says the game will attempt to recreate the harshness and realism of fighting. Using simple controls, you'll be able to perform some flashy actions.

Famitsu also reveals that Black Leopard will continue a Ryu ga Gotoku series tradition. Past games in the series have bundled in a fictional Kamurocho city guide called Kamutai Magazine as a pre-order bonus. Fitting for its younger theme, Black Leopard will include a guide called "Young Kamutai Magazine." This includes details on popular spots around Kamurocho, maps for the city, and a feature on Dragon Heat.

As all this appears in the form of a news story, we can probably expect Sega to make formal announcement on Thursday.

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