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Mystery Pokemon Revealed to be Starter Partners

Coro Coro provides the latest on Black & White.


Those three silhouetted Pokemon characters that were shown in the last episode of Pokemon Sunday have been confirmed by leaked information from the latest Coro Coro Comics to be the starter partner Pokemon for Black & White.

The magazine doesn't provide their names, but does list them to be (from left to right in the silhouette image) grass, flame, and water type Pokemon. You'll be able to select from these three as your initial partner.

Implicit in this report is confirmation that Pokemon type is a major element of Black & White. No one was expecting this to not be the case, but Coro Coro does make a big fuss about it.

You'll have to see Coro Coro comics for yourself if you want to see all the silhouette's filled out. Considering the magazine's publishing schedule, it seems unlikely that we'll get the proper forms at the official site this week... but keep those fingers crossed!

Outside of the starter Pokemon, the magazine provides a look at the Isshu Region setting. This area is located a great distance from the Kanto, Johto and Shinoh Regions. "Is it like a different country which can be reached by boat and airplane?" That's what the magazine asks, not me.

Finally, one additional Black & White tidbit. We previously saw the game's male and female trainers in in-game sprite form. Artwork shown in the magazine reveals something that isn't immediately apparent from the in-game forms. The trainers are all grown up now. They look like young adults rather than the childish main characters of past entries. The magazine speculates (as always, such speculation tends to have some foundation) that this means the story will be deeper.

All grown up but still catching them all?

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