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White Knight Chronicles 2 Includes White Knight Chronicles 1

Experience the full White Knight Chronicles story on one disc.

Will the White Knight 1 components be upped to White Knight 2 spec?

You want value for your buck? Then check out this sweet bonus from Level-5 and Sony. A retail listing for White Knight Chronicles 2 reveals that the sequel will include the latest revision of the original White Knight Chronicles.

Not only does this make for a potentially killer bonus, it also makes a lot of sense. White Knight 2's story takes place one year after the events of the original. Having both story modes included on the same disc will mean newcomers will be able to experience the full story.

Like most retail listings, this one appears to be cut and pasted from officially distributed materials, so it's likely legit.

Separately, Game Jouhou reports that it heard from another retailer that the White Knight 1 component will be updated to White Knight 2 specifications in terms of gameplay and graphics. This retailer told Game Jouhou that the information about the inclusion of White Knight 1 wasn't supposed to be made public until June 3.

While the Game Jouhou information should be filed under the rumor category for now, the retail listing itself is pretty solid. Expect to hear further details on this unexpected bonus in a few weeks.

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