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Xbox Live Arcade Virtual On Reaches Sales Targets

Sega celebrates by... closing the game's development blog.

The XLA version of VOOT appears to have sold to Sega's expectations.

The Virtual On Oratorio Tangram development blog was given a rare update today. Sega's Yasushi Yamashita made the sudden post to announce that the XLA version of Oratorio Tangram recently reached the sales target Sega had set for it.

He was unable to provide an exact number, but he did say that the number is far higher than the rumored figures that have been floating about. Unfortunately, he forget to state what those rumored figures are.

VOOT's success has been known for some time now. Early this year, Microsoft announced that it was the top selling XLA game of 2010 and the second best selling XLA game of all time.

So what exactly does this news mean? Will VOOT fans at last have another use for that pricey Twin Sticks peripheral?

Yamashita didn't say. In fact, the post went on to announce that the column's next post would be the last one. Yamashita did not say when that post would come, though. Prior to today's post, the previous post was on March 23.

Yamashita and the VOOT port team moved on to new projects following VOOT's release in April of last year. Their most recent release was After Burner Climax for PSN and XLA.

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