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Let's Compare Profits

Who made the most money? Who lost the most money? You probably know the answers already.


Over the past couple of weeks, your favorite game publishers have been sharing their earnings for the previous fiscal year. Who made money? Who lost money? Who made money but made less than they did last year? Who... oh, you get the point.

Hachimaki posted a handy comparison table, allowing us to determine all of the above at a glance.

Here's how many of the major players look in in order of decreasing operating income for their games divisions (or the closest thing to a games division, in the case of Microsoft and Sony). Units are 100 million yens (to get a super rough dollar amount, just tack on six zeroes after the decimal point). The figure in parenthesis is a comparison to operating income from last year. In Microsoft's case, a conversion of 90 yen to the dollar was used:

  • 3565.67 (-1986.96) Nintendo
  • 648.9 (+578.7) Microsoft [Entertainment & Devices]
  • 214.83 (-200.69) Konami [Digital Entertainment]
  • 78.46 (-85.46) Capcom [Consumer Contents]
  • 8.55 (-20.3) Hudson [Consumer Contents]
  • 7.67 Tecmo Koei [Game Software]
  • -16.8 (-6.21) Marvelous [Digital Contents]
  • -68.45 (-184.54) Namco Bandai [Game Contents]
  • -830.77 (+43.51) Sony [Network Products & Services]

(Yes, Sega and Square Enix are missing from this chart. I'll add them when they announce their earnings. Square Enix's earnings are of particular note because they had the big Final Dragon Hearts trio this year).

Amongst these publishers, it looks like Sony is the big loser for the year and Nintendo, despite making 2 billion dollars less than last year, is the big winner.

Sony said that it hopes its Network Product & Services division will reach the black in this fiscal term. But it's said that before. It said it in fiscal 2007 and in fiscal 2008.

In fiscal 2009, CFO Nobuyuki Oneda initially said he believed the game division would reach profitability, but changed his mind in October 2008 due to the strengthening yen.

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