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White Knight Chronicles Is Not a Trilogy

The story will come to a proper closure at the end of part 2, reveals director.

The third White Knight Chronicles 2 trailer will show us some of this.

There's apparently a rumor going around that Level-5 and Sony's PlayStation 3 RPG series White Knight Chronicles is a trilogy. Where did this rumor come from?

If you know, please fill in Kusuda Yoshiaki. The White Knight 2 director Tweeted earlier today, "I've been seeing here and there something about White Knight Chronicles being a trilogy. We haven't said anything official about it being a trilogy, so I wonder where this talk came from. This time, it will have a solid conclusion."

By "this time," he's referring to White Knight 2, which was confirmed earlier this week for July release.

White Knight 2 directly follows the events of the original game. Retail leaks have revealed that Sony and Level-5 will be including the first game in some capacity on the White Knight 2 disc, allowing newcomers to experience the full story. This pairing has yet to be formally announced, though. Neither Yoshiaki nor Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino have commented on the retail reports.

In other White Knight Chronicles Twitter activity, Yoshiaki gave some hints as to what we can expect from the game's third trailer. The second trailer hit yesterday and was entirely focused on story, meaning zero gameplay footage. Yoshiaki revealed that the third trailer will be half gameplay footage. Sadly, he did not give an ETA on the trailer.

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