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Let's! Change The Name of the DS Manga Artist Simulation

Columbia releases final details and screens for its latest DS sim.


Columbia Music Entertainment originally announced its DS manga artist simulator as Mangaka Monogatari, or "Manga Artist Story." This was just a tentative name, though.

The new, final name, announced today, is "Let's! Mangaka DS Style," or "Let's! Manga Artist DS Style."

Let's! Manga Artist DS Style is the latest in Columbia's "work simulation" series, "Akogare Girls' Collection" ("akogare" means that you look up to someone).

Here, your character starts off as a manga artist's assistant. You attempt to raise the character into a pro manga artist who's recognized by your teacher and editor.

During your assistant phase, you learn the basics of manga craft through mini games that make use of the game's built-in manga tools. Using these tools, it's possible to make your own comics, like so:

Outside of the comic creation, you also go about using the money from your work as an assistant and manga artist to purchase fashion items. You can play dress up with your character and also date hot guys.

Let's! Manga Artist DS Style hits on July 29 at ¥5,040. Visit the game's absolutely disappointing official site here.

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