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Square Enix Sees Highest Earnings Since Merger

Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Quest IX and Kingdom Hearts contribute to record year.


That trio of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts is a rare occurrence, but when it happens, Square Enix seems to post some impressive results.

This year, fueled by Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy XIII and two Kingdom Hearts titles, Square Enix saw its highest sales and operating income since the April 2003 merger that brought the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy publishers together under one name.

Sales for the year ended March 31, 2010 reached ¥192,257 million, up 41.7% over the prior year's ¥135,693 million. Operating income was up 130%, from ¥12,277 million to ¥28,235 million.

These results cover all areas of Square Enix group, including games, amusement, publishing, mobile phone content and merchandising. Taito-related business is included in the amusement group.

Looking just at its games division, the company saw revenues of ¥109,949 million, up 128.4% over the previous year, and operating income of ¥23,814 million, up 254% over the previous year.

Titles mentioned in Square Enix's earnings report as million sellers included Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Quest IX, Batman Arkham Asylum, Kingdom hearts 358/2 Days and Dragon Quest VI.

Japan accounted for most of Square Enix Group's sales and earnings. Sales for Japan were ¥151,067 million, with operating income at ¥26,363. North America saw ¥28,551 million in sales and ¥3,216 million in operating income. Europe saw ¥28,229 million in sales and an operating loss of ¥1,369 million.

The North American figures include contributions from facilities once owned by Eidos, which Square Enix Acquired in April 2009.

Looking forward to the current year, Square Enix expects a drop in sales to ¥160,000 million and a drop in operating income to ¥20,000 million.

Further details on Square Enix's earnings should be available later tonight as the company holds an investors briefing in Tokyo.

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