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Dragon Quest Victory Includes Battle Road Bonus Card

Scan DQIX's Ergios into both arcade and home DQM games.


Square Enix shared details today on the first run bonus item it's planning for Wii's Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory. Not surprisingly, given the game's origins, the bonus item is a card for the DQM Battle Road II Legends arcade title.

This promotion is similar to promotions held for Dragon Quest VI, Dragon Quest IX, and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. Victory will offer the first "Legend Daimaou Card," featuring Dragon Quest IX's Fallen Angel Ergios.

Scan the card into a Legends arcade machine, and you'll be able to face off against Ergios in battle. As with all other Legends cards, the card will also work with Victory itself if you have the separately sold DSiWare scanning app. Scan the card into your Wii, and you'll be able to fight Ergios in your home.

Battle Road Victory is set for July 15 release.

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