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Xbox 360 Final Fantasy Versus XIII Under Consideration

Square Enix CEO does not rule out multiplatform change for FFXIII sister project.

Perhaps when we get our first real look at Versus XIII, it will be as a multiplatform title.

Final Fantasy XIII was originally a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but ended up making the switch to multiplatform PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Sister project Final Fantasy Versus XIII was also originally a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and has stayed as such since its announcement.

The various Versus trailers that we've seen since FFXIII's multiplatform switch have made it clear that this particular FF game would be PS3-only worldwide. But CEO Yoichi Wada was less firm on this stance during a Q&A session that concluded an investors meeting today in Tokyo.

As reported at Impress Watch, when asked if it would be best to give Versus a multiplatform release on Xbox 360, Wada replied "We'll be looking into it internally until right before the formal announcement."

The question was asked in relation to Final Fantasy XIII and the possibility of the game's Xbox 360 release having helped to extend sales overseas.

By "formal announcement," Wada is presumably referring to the proper unveiling of Versus. While we've seen plenty of trailers for the game, most recently via a short teaser clip at December's Jump Festa event, Square Enix has yet to show gameplay footage outside of some camera-grabbed teaser footage that was shown at last year's Tokyo Game Show.

The game's formal unveiling is widely expected to take place at next month's E3 expo in Los Angeles, although director Tetsuya Nomura has given some hints that it could come later.

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