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Hey, check out Nintendo marketing Xenoblade

Nintendo shares screens and a look at the bonus soundtrack. Plus, sample the game's music in advance!


I never thought I'd live to see it, but Nintendo has actually started filling in the masses on this little game of theirs called "Xenoblade."

Forget the occasional Famitsu update. Forget those sometimes weekly website updates. Screenshots and details have at long last gone out to the Japanese online press. And good for Nintendo -- Xenoblade is now just three weeks away from release!

We've seen most of the screens through various retail leaks, but there are a few new shots -- or at least a few shots that are now viewable in higher resolution:

From what I can see in the text posted at the Japanese sites, Nintendo hasn't gone about sharing any new story or gameplay details.

As previously detailed, Xenoblade has a realtime battle system that seems to have some common points with Final Fantasy XII. You directly approach enemies in the world and break off directly into attack. You're free to move around during battle, and can make use of special skills known as "Arts."

The gameplay area seems to be the last thing left on Nintendo's to-reveal list, so we'll hopefully get solid details over the coming weeks.

Joining this first web preview of Xenoblade, Nintendo provided a closeup look at the the game's bonus soundtrack.

Retail listings previously confirmed the inclusion of this soundtrack, formally titled "Xenoblade Special Soundtrack." Nintendo confirms that the soundtrack will feature music from Yoko Shimomura, Yasunori Mitsuda, ACE+ and Manami Kiyota. It will include 12 tracks and will come with an illustration card from illustrator Kunihiko Tanaka, who worked on past Xeno titles.

Shimomura and Mitsuda's roles in the game were previously announced. You can read a summary of some of their recent Famitsu commentary here.

You can also hear one of the game's background tracks at the newly updated official site.

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