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Pro Boxing Champ Joins Yakuza PSP Voice Cast

Sega announces an unexpected voice actor for latest Yakuza game.


Here's a somewhat unexpected member of the Yakuza PSP voice cast. Sega announced today that world super featherweight boxing champion Takashi Uchiyama will be lending his voice talents to the new PSP title.

Not surprisingly, Uchiyama will play a fighter in the game's underground Dragon Heat fighting tournament. His character, Tsuyoshi Aramaki, is an active member of a French Foreign Battalion. He'll serve as a rival to main character Tatsuya Ukyou towards the end of the game.

You can see a glimpse of combat between Aramaki and Ukyou here:

This is Uchiyama's first voice acting role. In comments released by Sega today, he said, "This is my first voice acting role. I'm putting my best into it, so everyone please look forward to it."

We now know more about Uchiyama's character than most of Yakuza PSP's primary cast, including the heroine. Sega will hopefully rectify this situation soon.

Fully known as Black Leopard: Yakuza New Chapter, this latest Yakuza game takes the series to the portable format for the first time. The Dragon Heat underground fighting ring in which Uchiyama's character takes part appears to plays a central role in the game's storyline.

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