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Square Enix Teasing New Game Announcement with Yahoo

Two companies promise to change Japanese history with upcoming announcement.


Square Enix is going to be announcing a new game on Friday. And at their side when they make the announcement will be none other than Yahoo! Japan.

The two posted a promotional teaser site today:

Text at the site says "On 5/21, we change Japanese history." Below that, "Square Enix and Yahoo! Japan announce new game!".

The announcement will happen on the 21st, but until then visitors are encouraged to make predictions on Twitter. Attach the hash tag "#sqex_y" to your Tweet, and it will be displayed in the Twitter feed at the site.

The participation of Yahoo! Japan in this announcement could be in indication that the new game is a browser game for the Yahoo! Games portal. The Free Games section of the portal has a large banner link to the teaser site.

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