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First Look: Knights Contract

Heinrich and Gretchen face off against some grotesque foes in this first promotional video.


You've read all the details about Namco Bandai's all new multiplatform action title Knights Contract. Now see the game in motion through a promotional video that was released today.

The clip shows main character Heinrich engaging in flashy combat with some grotesque foes. At his side is Gretchen, a support character. You don't directly control Gretchen, but she does play an important role in battle, as in addition to casting support spells (actually "witch craft"), she also requires your constant protection.

Is this Namco Bandai's Bayonetta? Or maybe it's their God of War.

Whatever you want to call it, the premise is certainly unique. You can read all about that premise in this summary of this week's Famitsu reveal.

The promotional video was posted at a newly opened teaser site. Access the site for some screenshots for now (some of which can be seen below). A second movie is promised for 26 days from now.

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