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Capcom's New Home Lounge Opens Today

Visit the virtual space to download Killzone and Monster Hunter costumes for Lost Planet 2.


Lost Planet 2 hits today, and Capcom will be celebrating the virtual way: through an all new lounge in Sony's PlayStation Home virtual space.

The Capcom Sky Lounge will open its doors in Home later tonight. Visitors to the lounge will have access to the following areas.

Capcom Store
Get everything from Home avatar items to download items for your games.
PV Theater Room
View the latest videos in advance.
Event Hall and Ship Observation Deck
Meet other Home users here.
New Game Download Room
Download and play demos.
Multi Game Play Room
Form teams for your favorite multiplayer game.

Capcom is so excited about its new Home presence that it opened a special website with further details.

The Capcom Channel at YouTube is also set to see a video clip introducing the lounge.

You'll need to visit the Capcom Sky Lounge if you want to get some of Lost Planet 2's biggest download content. The previously announced Monster Hunter and Killzone 2 skins will be distributed exclusively through the lounge.

The Monster Hunter skin is available today. The Killzone Helghast Assault and Helghast Scout costumes hit on June 24.

You can view a promotional clip for the Killzone DLC here:


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