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The Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker AI Boss You Won't See

A variation on Chrysalis that didn't make it into the final build.


One of the biggest charms of Metal Gear Solid Pecae Walker is its AI Bosses, massive bosses that tower above Snake and can prove difficult to conquer unless you build up a powerful arsenal in your Mother Base sea fortress or team up with friends for co-op combat.

Here are three examples, with Snake shown for size comparisons:

The small one is Pupa. Hovering above everyone is Chrysalis. To the right, the largest AI Boss of them all, Cocoon.

Chrysalis is the topic of the Artist Relation column at the Kojima Productions blog.

Here's Chrysalis in in-game form, hovering above a party of four sneaking friends:

According to Kojima Productions' artist Yutaka Negishi, Chrysalis was originally meant to be capable of landing. Negishi even provided concept art of the boss in landing form:

See the legs beneath the discs? Those were removed from the final model.

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