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My Wife Comes With Naughty Pictures of Your Wives

Bonus items, sample CG and theme song info for Idea Factory's Xbox 360 wife sim.


Pre-order My Wife in advance of its August street date, and you'll get a set of naughty cards showing your wives:

The set includes three cards, each 150x100mm.

You want more naughty pictures of My Wife? Well then, here you go:

I believe those are sample CG images. In love sim talk, "CG" is what they call those still pics that are in the background of the text. You can usually press a button to remove the text entirely from the screen.

This update on My Wife comes from the official site.

Also at the site is first information on the My Wife theme songs. The opening theme, "Go to Sweethome!" will be sung by Yuana Miyazaki. The end theme song, Fuwari, will be sung by Risa Asaki.

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