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Microsoft's Xbox 360 Baseball Promotion Wasn't Totally Nonsensical

Golden Eagles pitcher says he's a big Xbox 360 fan.


When I heard that Microsoft was sponsoring a baseball game, I recalled all those past Xbox and Xbox 360 press conferences where pro athletes made appearances despite their respective sports being completely unrepresented on the system. In the case of Japanese baseball, PS3 is the currently the only way to get your full HD fix, as Konami is delivering its lineup of both realistic and big headed sims exclusively to the Sony system.

But Microsoft still saw fit to have San Roku Maru, member of the Xbox 360 Special Forces Division trio, throw out the first pitch at Friday's Golden Eagles X Giants game. You can see the result here. For some clear shots of a guy with an Xbox 360 logo for his head throwing a pitch at a sold out baseball game, see Impress Watch and 4gamer.

Despite the lack of Xbox 360 baseball games, this promotion wasn't toally nonsensical. It turns out that Golden Eagles pitcher Shinichiro Koyama is a big time gamer. Not only that, but he claims to have owned an original Xbox and also has an Xbox 360.

Impress Watch posted a transcript of a group Q&A with Koyama that was held after the Friday game.

Koyama told the gathered press that he likes playing car games. Said Koyama, "I can't remember the name... the one where you wreck your car. Burnout?"

Koyama started playing games in his childhood. Now, being a pro baseball player and all, he doesn't get too much time, but he does play after practice.

Someone asked Koyama if he plays baseball games. He said that he does, often with fellow players.

As for what system he uses to play those baseball games, it doesn't look like anyone asked.

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