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Blaze Union Launch Event Hits Akihabara

Hear the development staff speak, and play paper-rock-scissors for a sweet collectable.


Blaze Union drops on the 27th. But Atlus is waiting for the 28th to celebrate.

On the 28th, Atlus will hold a big Akihabara launch event for the game. The event will include a talk session and a janken (paper-rock-scissors) tournament. The talk session will feature producer Hikari Yasui, illustrator Rui Mitsuzaki, and Medute voice actress Rie Tanaka.

Winners of the janken tournament will get a shikishi signed by eight voice actors. Atlus sent out a sample:

The event will be held on the 8th floor event space of Akihabara's Gamers game shop starting at 16:30. To take part in the event, you'll need a ticket that you get by pre-ordering (payment in full) your game from the shop.

Rie Tanaka's character, Medute.

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