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Mario Galaxy 2 Soundtrack Appears at Club Nintendo

Two discs of orchestral Mario music for a mere 300 points.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 is getting a big soundtrack, and you're going to have to be a Club Nintendo member in order to obtain it.

The Super Mario Galaxy 2 Original Soundtrack will be available as a Club Nintendo rewards present starting tomorrow (5/27), Mario Galaxy 2's release date. The soundtrack includes two discs and 70 songs, all performed by a group of 70 professional musicians operating under the name "Mario Galaxy Orchestra."

This soundtrack will normally go for 500 points. However, Mario Galaxy 2 buyers who register their product code at the Club Nintendo site by the end of December will be able to obtain it for a mere 300 points.

Nintendo appears to be in a musical mood today, as it also posted an Iwata Asks column devoted exclusively to Mario Galaxy 2's music. Japanese readers can access that here.

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