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Wild Arms Developer Making PS3 and PSP Push

Company seeking programmers and planners for large scale title.

Media Create's last title was Chaos Rings, released by Square Enix on the iPhone.

Media Vision hasn't made the switch to iPhone-exclusivity just yet. Based off job listings at job site Tenshoku EX, the Wild Arms developer appears to be working away at major projects for PlayStation 3 and PSP.

The company is seeking planners and game programmers to work out of Tokyo.

The job description in the programmer listing says "We've just started a project for consumer game machines like PSP and PS3." The listing says that they're seeking staff at an advanced state because the project(s) will be long term productions.

The planner listing makes a more specific reference to PS3 and PSP. It says "This company has worked on the Wild Arms series, one of the RPGs that is representative of Japan. This time, we're trying out production of a new title for PSP and PS3. We'd like to make it into a title in which we can take pride, one that appeals to users not just in Japan, but around the world as well."

It looks like this mystery project is going to be a big one. Continues the planner listing: "This is not a light game. It's a massive project that will span a long term."

[Seen at Game Jouhou]

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