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Acquire Readying Free PSP RPG

New four player dungeon crawler from the makers of Class of Heroes.


Acquire unveiled its latest PSP title today on the pages of Famitsu. Bakumatsu Revolution is an all new RPG from Class of Heroes developer Zero Div.

While that alone should turn some heads, there's a bigger bullet point here. Bakumatsu Revolution will be free to download and play. For the low price of nothing, you'll find yourself with a 10 hour game where you undertake quests set in randomly generated dungeons.

You start the game by creating your very own character, setting such areas as name and job. You can select from three jobs: fencer, monk and knight.

After character creation, you find yourself in the town pub, where you can take on quests. There are two quest types: solo quests and co-op quests.

Your quest decided, you head out to a dungeon. Gameplay here appears to be like the Mysterious Dungeon series, with players and enemies taking turns as they move through the dungeon floors. But in Bakumatsu Revolution, four players can team up over ad-hoc for cooperative play. Each player can travel about the dungeon on their own, although you'll have to make sure you come together for the boss fight that awaits on the final floor.

Bakumatsu Revolution really is free. It's so free, in fact, that Acquire is setting it up so that players can download a copy of the game directly from other players who've already made the download.

So what's the catch? Famitsu makes a tiny mention of download content, including add-on scenarios and items. While the magazine doesn't say, these will presumably be paid downloads.

Even if the DLC does cost money, it looks like Acquire is going to be a bit generous in this area of the game. To play a cooperative download quest, only one person will have to have made the download.

Bakumatsu Revolution may be free, but it seems to have some pretty solid production values. The visuals have a clean 2D sprite-based look. It seems like there's some amount of effort going into the character designs for the Bakumatsu heroes who appear in the game. Incidentally, the magazine says that some of the heroes have had their gender changed.

We'll find out the true level of Acquire's generosity on June 25 when Bakumetsu Revolution hits PlayStation Store. The low price of zero should make the initial download a no brainer for anyone with access to PSN.

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