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Red Steel Pimped by AKB48

Weekly idol quota filled for the day. Thanks, Ubisoft!


JPOP group AKB48 has 48 members. Here's... uhh.... maybe 44? of them:

And here's... uhh... maybe 19? of them, in bathing suits:

I'm not sure who's who. And I'm certain I'm not alone.

Three of the AKB48 girls, Sayaka Akimoto, Ayaka Umeda, and Yuka Masuda, who may or may not be in the above pics, have been tapped by Ubisoft to promote Red Steel 2 to the ten people who are going to buy it today.

Here they are pretending to play the the game:

Who holds their hand like that when watching someone play a game? Sayaka Akimoto, that's who!

And here they are holding copies of the Red Steel 2 box:

Along with the pics, Ubisoft sent out the girls' written impressions of the game. If you really care, you can read the impressions (in Japanese) at 4gamer.

And if you want more on AKB48, I got the bathing suit pic from Super Merlion, which has detailed member breakdowns:

Can you figure out which teams Sayaka, Ayaka and Yuka are on? And for bonus points, which AKB48 member appeared at Microsoft's Alan Wake demo event? Possible pitfall: the event also had members of sister groups SKE48 and SDN48.

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