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Sega Seeking Hostesses for Yakuza Black Panther

One Yakuza 4 promotion you'll be glad is making a return.

The Yakuza 4 hostesses surround series director Toshihiro Nagoshi at last year's Tokyo Game Show.

Now six entries into the series, and Sega's Yakuza promotions have gotten a bit predictable. But gamers probably won't complain about a repeat of this particular promotion.

Sega announced today that it will be holding a second round of hostess auditions for the series. Winners of the auditions will appear in the Yakuza series in CG form, presumably starting with September's PSP entry, Black Panther Yakuza New Chapter.

The hostess competition is something Sega first held for Yakuza 4, which hit PS3 earlier this year. Sega ended up receiving 1,500 applications, and narrowed the field down to 7 girls who took part in promotional activities for the game, and whose likenesses appeared in the game as hostesses.

Applications for the new competition are being accepted through June 27. Those who clear the first round will need to appear at a face-to-face judging in either Osaka or Tokyo in early July. The final winners will need to appear at the Tokyo Game Show and other promotional activities.

If you're interested in entering the competition, please call me for further details. Everyone else can visit the official contest page for more info.

Here's a video Sega posted of porn star Ryo, one of the winners of the last competition, introducing the new competition using her naughty porn star voice:

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