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PSP, PS3 Lead the Hardware Race

Hardware down across the board despite the release of Lost Planet and Winning Eleven.


PSP and PS3 lead the way in Media Create's hardware sales chart once again, but hardware sales continued to fall despite a week of major releases across all platforms.

In the portable race, PSP topped the charts this week with 22,462 units, although as usual it was in a close race with the DS when adding up all different hardware varieties. PSP go continued to fall, remaining under 1,000 units.

In the console race, PS3 lead the way with 19,075 units, although this was 1,400 below last week. Both Wii and Xbox 360 saw slight boosts from last week. Xbox 360 has remained above the 4,000 mark since Microsoft debuted a bundle combining the system with Bayonetta and Forza 3.

Here's the full Media Create hardware chart, covering May 17 through May 23. Last week's sales are in parentheses.

  • 1. PSP: 22,462 (24,475)
  • 2. PS3: 19,075 (20,463)
  • 3. Wii: 18,465 (17,570)
  • 4. DSi LL: 14,108 (15,879)
  • 5. DSi: 9,356 (9,990)
  • 6. Xbox 360: 4,656 (4,370)
  • 7. DS Lite: 2,681 (2,695)
  • 8. PS2: 1,175 (1,293)
  • 9. PSP go: 851 (871)

Media Create also shared today its usual brief analysis of software sales.

As shown in the rankings page, Lost Planet 2 was the top seller for the week, with the PS3 version selling 85,000 units and the Xbox 360 version selling 34,000. The 360 version of the original Lost Planet, released in December 2006, sold 37,000 in its first week. The PS3 version, released a year later, sold 23,000 units.

The PS3 version of Winning Eleven 2010 Aoki Samurai no Chousen placed third this week with 57,000 units. The game was also released on Wii, PSP and PS2. All four SKUs together reached 100,000 units, or about 1/3 of last year's Winning Eleven 2010. Although not officially licensed, this is Konami's World Cup edition of Winning Eleven, so it will likely see a spike once the World Cup kicks off in June.

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