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Even free games get useless teaser sites with no content

Acquire gives its free PSP dungeon crawler an initial push.


Acquire's Bakumatsu Revolution is drawing attention because it's totally free. Free to download, free to play -- the only thing you'll have to pay for is optional download content if you want to extend the game beyond its ten hour play time.

The only way you'll know any of this is by picking up a copy of Famitsu. The game's newly opened official site doesn't help out any.

It says "The stage is Bakumatsu." Well yeah.

For those without access to the print Famitsu, Famitsu.com has posted a report on the game with screens and details.

This is what a free PSP dungeon crawler looks like:

The Famitsu.com logo won't be there. Or maybe it will be there, and that's how they're actually making it free.

The text at Famitsu.com is pretty much identical to what's in the print Famitsu article, so check out this summary.

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