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Square Enix Makes iPad Push

Two apps launch with device today. Two more on the way.


Apple's iPad tablet device at long last saw domestic release today (5/28). Square Enix celebrated with a few major game announcements.

Launching with the device today were an iPad version of the Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery app and the all new Chocoboc Panic. Both were released in America earlier in the week.

The ¥700 FFXIII app is, like its iPhone/iPod touch counterpart, a photo gallery. Arrangements for the iPad include a few 3D character images. You'll have to make use of your own 3D glasses to see these.

The ¥450 Chocobo app lets multiple players interact with Chocobos by directly tapping them. You and your fellow players attempt to see who can capture the most of the Final Fantasy mascot characters.

Joining these two releases, Square Enix said that it's working on iPad versions of its iPhone/iPod touch apps Chaos Rings and Crystal Defenders. Chaos Rings is a major RPG from Wild Arms developer Media Create. Crystal Defenders is a tower defense style strategy game that has been ported to every gaming platform, including your mom.

Details on these following releases will be announced later.

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