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Pokemon Black & White Arrives in September

Official site updated with videos and a look at two Legendary Pokemon.


Pokemon Co. announced today a more specific September time frame for Pokemon Black & White. The game was previously announced for general Fall 2010 release.

Today's announcement appears to coincide with overseas announcements of a Spring 2011 release for the game. Looks like the wait between localizations won't be too long.

Joining the release time frame, the Black & White official site was given an update. The image at the top page tells the whole story:

New to the site is a section on Legendary Pokemon. Black will have Reshiram. White will have Zekrom.

Don't get mixed up -- the white Pokemon is in Pokemon Black and the black Pokemon is in Pokemon White. It's like a black and white cookie.

According to the text at the site, these two Legendary Pokemon have major ties to the history of the Isshu Region, the setting of Black & White.

Also at the official site:

Partner Pokemon
Videos of your three partner characters, Tsutaja, Pokabu and Mijumaru, in battle. Click the link beneath the screenshots on the left side.
New Stage
A video of the Hiun City, allowing you to see how immersive everything is.

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